Peach brandy

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Re: Peach brandy

Post by hefezelle » Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:24 am

Is there a consensus about the optimal amount of yeast to use in this recipe? I'd love to include an mount in the Tried & True Recipes pdf!
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Re: Peach brandy

Post by Tater » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:51 pm

Tater wrote:Time I posted this recipe I was playing around with yeasts and used a mix of 118 and distillers yeast 1 oz each. Pre started in 5 gallons of the wash. However in past Ive used wild yeast bakers yeast and few other wine yeasts . All seemed to well but the wine yeasts seemed to give a slight better taste .I froze peaches when thawed I stirred to a fine pulp poured through a wire basket to catch/remove seeds and anything that hadn't broken down skins and the like.Then took skins and any chunks that were left and added little water few gallons or so and stirred again. My stirrer is a lite mortar mixer that I sharpened the blades on. (see here ... =14&t=2196" onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow )I have just set a plank across barrel with a 3/4 piece of pvc pipe cut at a angle in it to push out seed and fermented skin and all (no added water). And lately been putting the skins and chunks in a sack weighing it down to keep under till ferments over and removing it after letting it drain.(Been trying to decide if it taste better with skins in or out of ferment). I dip my wash out of barrel so as not to disturb anything that's settled.And NEVER :thumbdown: fill a barrel .Always leave room for the cap or you will have a mess. 50 in a 55 gallon barrel is much as I would chance. Until I was use to doing recipe I would go less.
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