How to use this forum

New to distillation, or simply new to the HD forums.
** Your first post MUST go here. Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your interest in distilling. Any posts asking distilling questions will be deleted. **

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How to use this forum

Post by Husker » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:15 am

This forum is where we would like folks to sound off when first joining up (IF YOU CHOOSE TO). But if you are going to post:
Hey, I'm New Here
type post, then please put it here.

A couple of things would be nice to know (to introduce yourself).
  • A little about yourself
  • A little about what you want to do, and or what you would like to gain from the site/forum.
  • A little about what still you currently have, or what you are wanting to make/buy
  • Any other additional information you find helpful.
  • Where you are at. You don't have to list exact location, but simply Central US, or Europe, or AU, would be more than enough. Just enough so that folks have an idea on what part of the globe you hail from.
By including your current knowledge level, and current type of still (or what you are looking for), you give people a lot of know how on how to answer questions you may later pose, and also spur people who have questions about YOUR knowledge to be able to ask you for information you know.

Oh, btw, WELCOME to the forum!!! Kick up a chair, put your feet up, and enjoy the ride :)

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