Hello people

New to distillation, or simply new to the HD forums.
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Hello people

Post by evilbofh » Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:39 pm

Hi their.

I'm bored in lockdown so I decided to go back to my younger and crazier days and start brewing and distilling again, My old boka still I last used 5 years ago was just to hard to handle so I got a column from aliexpress, a 5 plate bubble plate column and a new 65L digiboiler.

The digiboliler I modified to have the 2k element on a separate power lead so I could use a voltage controller to regulate the heat.

I have done a couple of birdwatchers, FFV and presently trying my hand at Buccaneer Bobs.

Vodka is easy, reflux all the way, but with Bobs I'm learning to are of pot stilling.

I hope to graduate to UJSSM soon..

Im not sure if I like the Digiboiler, The lid is a little weak and secure the column so it doesn't lean.

I did try keg with one of those weldless element but it blow after the first run, the column did stag straight on the keg

So tried to stick weld a 2" ferrule to a keg but when in too hot and blow a hole in the keg instead.

I may get a 58L Kegmenter and pay someone to weld a 2" ferrule near the base for an element. so I can have a solid boiler.

BTW Buccaneer Bobs with Voss Kviek nice, with Horndal Kviek it's fantastic. Havesting the Horndal Kviek is so easy and you don't need much it loves to be under picked.

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Re: Hello people

Post by acfixer69 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 5:59 pm

Welcome I guess.

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Re: Hello people

Post by tombombadil » Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:38 pm

Looks like your off to a good start already. I think rum has been my favorite so far. Welcome!

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