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Post by Single Malt Yinzer » Mon May 21, 2018 12:12 pm

This post is for people new to the Rum world. It should serve as a guide as I am not going to retype everything in the links below. This will be a very high level overview. It will skip over many details and nuances that you will learn later.

What is Rum?
Rum is an alcoholic distillate from the fermented juice of sugar cane, sugar cane syrup, sugar cane molasses, or other sugar cane by-products. Rum is produced around the world.

While there are many style of Rum there are 4 major types:

Cuban or Spanish style Rum: A simple rum made from molasses. It is typically lighter in flavor.
Flavored Rums: Spiced or other flavors are added to a Rum base usually from a Cuban style.
Jamaican Rum: A style from its namesake island. Heavy flavors come from Esters developed by the Jamaican process. These processes include things like Dunder, Muck Pits, and Cane Pits.
Rhum Agricole: Common in the French speaking Caribbean islands. This is a cane juice rum, not molasses, with a very distinctive vegetal taste.

The Cuban rum style is the easiest to produce. It is a simple molasses wash fermented with yeast. For a new distiller it’s really simple to make and tastes good. If your tastes are for more funky Jamaican style rum you’ll need to learn about esters and how to create them. That will include topics like Dunder Pits and Muck Pits. I wouldn’t recommend a new distiller try it right away. If you want to do a Rhum Agricole you’re out of luck unless you can get freshly cut sugar cane. It’s made from the freshly squeezed canes.

Rum does not need to be made from molasses. For home scale different variations of brown sugars will give a similar flavor without the hassle of dealing with molasses. Many recipes on HD will be mixes of molasses, brown sugars, and/or white sugar. It will be up to you do decide how you want your rum to taste." onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow" onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow" onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow ... Pit_Safety" onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow" onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow" onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow

For way more detail read this:" onclick=";return false;" rel="nofollow

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Re: Rum 101

Post by just sayin » Mon May 21, 2018 5:02 pm

Great post, Yinz! Thanks for the links! Very well done Bro! (Mountaineer for more than sixty years but Yinzer by birth, across the Mon from Kennywood Park)

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Re: Rum 101

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