Tennessee Black Label Type Whisky

See Jacks instructions on the Preparing Grain Mashes page for the grain bill, and his comments in Aging re passing it through maple charcoal.

Johnnie Walker Whisky

Les suggests ...
My best results came from Top Shelf Classic Reserve Scotch Whisky.. Top Shelf Classic Whisky(green label) and Country Squire Whisky 2000. The Classic Reserve is excellent but requires ageing and is somewhat cloudy to begin with.Try not to consume before six months.I also tart it up with some other ingredients. For ease of use, economy and consistent results the TopShelf Greenlabel Classic is a winner. My formula for this essence is as follows......
  • 1 sachet 40gms Classic Greenlabel Whisky.
  • 2.5 litres 44% alcohol .
  • 100 mls Glycerine
  • 2 teaspoons Eazimix spirit finisher
  • 6 teaspoons Virgin American Oak shavings
  • 150 mls medium dry sherry (good quality)
Leave in 3 litre glass for at least 4 months then fiter off. To test place 1 nip in a wine glass and the same amount of Red Label Johnnie W. in another and compare.I think you will be surprised at how well your product holds up. You can vary the ingredients to your taste. Regards Les

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