Cloudy Spirit

Sometimes your spirit may turn a bit cloudy when its been left by itself. This can be due to a couple of reasons ..
  • Fusel oils : you've got some tails in there. They may be tend to form a slight "oil slick" on the surface. You may have some sucess in carefull decanting off from underneath it and then passing it through a coffee filter to try and capture it. Obviously the way to avoid it is not to collect the tails in the first place - see above.
  • Mineral precipitates : your drinking water may have a high limestone content (calcium carbonate) , that has somehow come over with the distillate. Haven't heard how to fix this one, other than softening your water before you use it, or going to the trouble of using distilled water in the first place.
  • Dirty carbon : Johan advises .. activiated carbon is normally not perfectly clean it contains diffrent kind of salts. Before you mix activated carbon and alcohol clean the activated carbon by boling it in a saucepan and then discard the water, taste it to see if there is any impurity. This will make your activated carbon much more effective as well!     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800