Dilute the Alcohol

Make sure that your alcohol is diluted to 30%-50% before polishing it - the carbons will work more effectively. This would appear to be due to a number of reasons;
  • the fusels dissolve better in high grade alcohol and less so if the alcohol is lower in percentage. If the alcohol is diluted, and the fusels are less dissolved, they are then more easily captured.
  • carbon/alcohol affinity channels better at these %concentrations, allowing more exposure to interface (ie a greater specific gravity differential, i.e. the "thicker" the better)
  • at the diluted ratio the "nasties" are also diluted [does that make them easier to catch ????]
  • always use clean water to dilute as this lessens the load on the carbon
  • high % alcohol could act as an aggressor to the carbon and cause "nasties" to be leached out the wrong way, eg carbon to alcohol
Ideally the water used should be distilled water but ordinary clean tap water if it is not too hard will do at a pinch and last resort although it has a minor affect on final taste.

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