Still Designs & Plans

Check out the Photos of Stills section to at least see what they should be constructed like.
There are some excellent designs by Alex (Bokakob) in Bokakob designs.

Both Pot & Reflux stills are relatively simple and both produce liquor. The difference is just that for a reflux still you have a packed column before the condensor, and you get some of the vapour to condense and drip back through the packing. You do this if you want to make clean/pure/tasteless alcohol of around 75%-96% purity for adding flavours to, or making gin/vodkas etc.

If however you just want to make straight forward whiskey / schnapps etc with some flavour, you can use either a pot or a reflux still.

An interesting note is that some copper in the vapour path is benefical. See the Materials page for more details why. Some people who have built all-stainless steel stills have found there to still be some smell +/or odour in their neutral spirits, which goes away when they put some copper in (usually replacing the scrubber packing with copper scrubbers).     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800