Plate Still instead of packing

Some of the best most recent information about plated still technology, is being done by olddog, on the Home Distiller forums. You can read a lot of discussion in this thread: Flute Talk
This still design, is based upon properly scaling down a LARGE commercial plated still, to be used for hobby distillation sizes.

Gaw has made a hobby-sized column with plates in it, rather than using packing. He elaborates ..
I built a bubble plate still using the encyclopedia and the pics from message #1560 posted by Peter of the Netherlands. Not being happy with the scrubbers or marbles and not being able to afford the threaded unions he had used, some $200 US each, I created a bolt together system using stainless plates from a salvage yard and 4 inch copper pipe. My still will now produce 3 1/2 US gallons per hour of 95% after a thirty minute warm up time, using two three KW elements in the main thirty gallon boiler and one 1500 watt element in the smaller six gallon water heater at the base of the still which I have converted to operate on separate temp controllers.     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800