Builing Plans for Pot Stills

Note that the previous iteration of this page recommended using pressure cookers and paint cans for your boiler and/or thumper.

This information was erroneous. Please do not use anything but copper and/or stainless steel in the construction of your equipment. Glass breaks, pressure cookers can lead to high pressure; you do not want your mash or vapor under pressure at any point in the process! Paint cans are coated in paint and ethanol is a solvent!

The best place to read and discuss building the right pot still for your needs is on the Homedistiller Forums.

Get a small keg or 5 gallon drum that's stainless and food grade. I've seen them for from $20 to $40US. Or get a milk can (US$100) expensive, but attractive.

Toms potstill ..The boiler is a 2.5 gallon soda canister. I heat it by securing it in a pot of boiling water, and run it like a double boiler. It works great!

  • Note, this tea kettle still is frequently talked about on the internet. IT IS DANGEROUS, and produces very little POOR quality spirits. DO NOT use these plans!!!
  • Dangerous Laboratories Tea Kettle plans: http://www.dangerouslaboratories.org/moon1.html

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