Photos of Pot Stills

Pot stills can range in size from small stove top stills, to larger stills made from unwanted stainless steel beer kegs. Some are hand crafted from copper sheet and riveted and soldered together.

Stove Top Pot Stills

Two popular types of setups. One uses a copper coil in a bucket, the other a liebig condenser at the output. Common boilers are modified kegs or stockpots sealed with flour paste

Please note that previous iterations of this page incorrectly stated that a pressure cooker could be used to make a pot still. We at emphatically discourage this practice. One of the most dangerous situations you can create during the distillation process is to allow your still or boiler to become pressurized. We even recommend the installaton of 1 pound pressure relief valve on many setups.

GingerBreadMan's pot still is made from a stainless steel stock pot. "The stock pot holds 12L and the SS bowl is sealed with flour paste and binder clips. I mounted a brass flange (better to use a stainless steel one if available) on the bowl and used cork as a gasket to seal it. The rest is just household 3/4" and 1/2" copper piping."

Larger Keg type Pot Stills

Made from unwanted or discarded beer kegs, these are excellent boilers made from stainless steel. Sankey type kegs can be easily fitted with tri-clamp fittings. Others choose to cut the keg for easier access. Kegs can be heated with either propane burners or fitted with internal eletric heater elements.

dixedrifter's pot still uses triclover fittings to attach to a beer keg. The keg is heated with an internal water heater element. The output condenser (liebig type) is made of copper pipe.

Bujapat's keg pot still uses a stainless steel bowl bolted with wing nuts to the top of the keg for easy removal. Cutting a bigger hole allows easy access to the boiler for cleaning. The boiler is heater with a propane burner.

Hand crafted Copper Pot Stills

Made from copper sheet metal, these stills are hand cut, bent, shaped and then soldered together. Still popular, this traditional still is being built today using the same artisan techniques of yesteryear.

pintoshine's 6 gallon pot still. This pot still connectes to a traditional copper worm in a bucket.

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