Photos of Stills Sold Commercially

Brewhaus at

Stainless steel boiler, connector, column, and condenser
Laboratory stopper
Food Grade PVC cooling hoses
Laboratory Thermometer and Raschi Rings included!

The Ultra Pure Still at
The Ultra Pure Still

From Australias largest manufacturer of stills:

Purity: 95%
Speed: 1.2L / Hour
Capacity: 5L (can be fitted to any boiler)

100% Money Back Guarantee

Using just a 25cm column, this still produces 2 bottles of spirits from its 5L boiler in just 30 minutes, including heatup time!

It uses a 2200W element, and amphora structured copper mesh for smooth, authentic flavour. Comes with a digital thermometer for accurate cuts.

A true reflux still for an excellent price - just $467 delivered anywhere in the world - guaranteed.

Click here now to find out more!

Mile High Distilling at
Pictured are the Grande! from Mile Hi Distilling, featuring a 41-inch column and 40 & 32 quart boilers, their 43 inch reflux column and 2-in-1 tower, and 26 quart pot still.

Other designs, equipment etc shown on the site, along with prices

Portuguese Copper Alembic and Alquitar Stills
To see a full range of these stills, sold by Destilarias Eau-de-Vie, simply just click on one of the images above. Handcrafted and hand hammered by skilled Portuguese coppersmiths, the sensual curves and natural beauty of copper echo the splendour of the past. Email contact:

Bosco Engineerings Reflux Still email
Stainless steel reflux still, fabricated in Australia , at Bosco Engineering P/L

Haas Copper Still email
Traditional Iberican alcohol still,
hand hammered in hard copper.
Tel. 0049 2261 66115
Fax.0049 2261 64714

Desti Lab at
Desti Model A Desti Model B
Also sold at

Revenoor Stills at
US supplier for botique distilleries, from 5-1000 gallon (5, 10 & 25 shown)

These Revenoor stills shown can also be seen at

Daves Still
I got it via Outterson - Revenoor, ( , it is made by The Revenoor folks.

It has what I believe is a 3-part rectifying column (I heard it called a splitter, not sure what that means but I assume it's fractional), and the top 1/5 or so is a condensor with cool water regulation to the condensor and the worm. The column seems to have marbles or some other inert media in the condensor and at least the top 1/3 or 2/3 of the column, but that's just a guess!

Completely high quality craftsmanship all around, they really take some pride in their work.

As you can tell, they are from the sour mash tradition, and this is a pretty classic U.S. still design if you ask me.

Euro Stills at

Don't know if these are available yet off their site.

Column diameter = 50 mm
Column height = 600 mm
Packing type = glass beads, with a stainless steel scrubber each end
Distillate purity = 92 %
Distillate flowrate = 1 L/hr
Pot capacity = 25 or 50 L
Heat Input 1500 W + 1000 W (25 L) or 2 x 1500 W (50 L)
Retail price = NZ$550 (25L) and NZ$650 (50L)
Pete at the Brewers Barn ( sells these, and can send you an email brochure about them.
Modifying the Euro Still
Gaddock wrote about some improvements he made to his Euro60 .. When I received the item, the first thing I did was to get rid of the glass packing and replaced it with rashig rings, 6mm. I was able to get a 92% product at about 1.2 liter per hour. I was not happy with the 92% and made a few modifications as a result of the information on this site, once again thank you all. I am now able to get just over 96% at 1.2 liters per hour! For those of you with the Euro 30, 60 etc. you may want to try the following.
1) I turned the column upside down so that the 2 cooling tubes are on the bottom and the three are on the top (there are 5 in total).
2) I then packed the column with copper pot scrubbers in the areas of the column that do not have the through tubes. Around the through tubes I used Rashig rings.
3) I also rerouted the water hoses and started the input on the finger condenser and the output on the lowest tube. This is the reverse order that came with the directions for the still.
4) I cut a slot on the inside of the column where the ring clip goes to hold the packing in. Why they did not do that to begin with is beyond me as with no slot cut the packing could have easily fallen out during distilling, tragedy for sure.
5) I wrap the pot with towels that allow me to regulate temperature by the number of towels to reduce the water flow. I hate to waste good water down the drain.
With these mods I have a still that produces a first rate product fairly rapidly compared to similar sized stills I have read about.

Winesupply at
They offer 5, 10 & 25 Gallon models
Propane, electric or wood fired
Sold in the US

Initially this site raised a few eyebrows - could it be a BATF sting, seeing it was so openly selling within the US ? however Tim reports " Wine Sales and their parent company Dextan are mainly wholesalers. I called them and they informed me that they will not sell distilling set-ups to individuals in the US."

Malt Masterclass at
Malt Masterclass
They use this for training sessions in making malt whisky's

No performance details available, but gee it looks pretty !

Lab Master I
Lab Master
either purchase it fully made up from :

or buy the Home Distilling Handbook from Gert Strand (Partyman) for US$5 and build it yourself

Height : 590 mm
Diameter : 50 mm
Performance : 90-95% alcohol

Spirits Unlimited
Spirits Unlimited 20L Pot still For sale at

20L Pot stil
Volume : 20L
Performance : 4.5L @ 40% in 6 hours
Spirits Unlimited 20L Reflux still For sale at

20L Reflux still
Volume : 20L
Column : 350 mm tall x 75 mm diameter
Performance : 80% as is, 90% if stuffed with stainless steel wool pot scrubbers (David Pickles)
Spirits Unlimited 24L Reflux still For sale at

24L Reflux still
Volume : 24L
Performance :
Spirits Unlimited 5L Pot still For sale at

5L Export Still
Volume : 5L
Performance :

Aqua Vita at

Looking at the condensors, these would appear to be Still Spirits stills
Aquavita Unlimited 25L Pot still For sale at

25L Pot still
Aquavita 25L Reflux still For sale at

25L Reflux still

Mine is an early version of this 20L Reflux still (it has a plastic body). It puts out about 3.5L of 75% alcohol in 4 hours off 20L of 15% wash, if just used as designed (one marble for packing !) Stuffing half a stainless steel pot scrubber into it, below the marble, has increased the purity to 85%. The small diameter, and extremely short height of this column will never really make it a great "reflux" still, however it is a good step up from just a pot still. Cheap and easy.
Mike writes ...I have a still spirits reflux still. My first mod to it was to seperate the water supplies to the cooling jacket and the condenser. Eventually I found that the cooling jacket is not necessary. The still works just as well without it IMHO. The best mod to make to this still is to extend the column. What I have done is to get myself a metre of 2" copper pipe. To this I have added a copper cap end to each end. I have drilled a hole in each cap, and tapped a 1/2" BSP thread. I bought a 1/2" nipple, and two lock-nuts to suit. One lock nut I use down the bottom to attach to the boiler, the other to lock the nipple into the cap at the top. The nipple at the top will screw into the original head. You can go further and turn this into a Nixon-Stone style still, but I haven't got to that yet.     This page last modified Fri, 04 Aug 2017 21:06:30 -0700