Alcoholic Icy-Poles

These are iceblocks made using alcohol. A great adults only treat. Matt elaborates ...
    ...the long and short of it is I went in this morning, and he gave me a photocopy of the recipe which they got from their supplier of icey pole moulds "Lickety Sips".

    Makes 24 x 75ml of each, or 8 per flavour

    6 cups castor sugar
    7 cups of water

    1 cup orange juice
    1/4 Cup vodka

    1 cup lime juice (strained)
    1/4 Cup gin

    1 cup pink grapefruit juice
    1/4 Cup Campari

    To make the sugar syrup- bring water and sugar to the boil in a large saucepan, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Simmer for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat, set aside and cool.

    To make ice blocks: Divide the sugar syrup equally among 3 bowls. Stir the orange juice and vodka into the 1st bowl, the lime juice and gin into the 2nd bowl and the grapefruit juice and Campari into the 3rd bowl.

    Cover the mixtures and refrigerate until cold. Then churn each mixture separately in an ice cream maker until just beginning to Firm. Spoon into Lickety Sips ice block moulds. Place the sipping lids on and freeze.

    To unmould, dip BRIEFLY in warm water. Serve immediately.


Wal offers ...
    According to Websters Dictionary, Punch comes from the Hindi word for 5 - panch. Indians enjoyed a drink with 5 ingredients: arrack (distilled palm sap wine), sugar, citrus, water, spices. The British seized this basic formula and made their own variations. For recipes see:

    In Brazil they drink cachaca which is a (usually, although it can be aged in oak) white rum from sugar cane juice (not molasses). Home Distillers can make it from raw sugar, in a 2 or 3 stage reflux still or pot still. Brazilians drink Caipirinha(little peasant girl) which is made with cachaca and resembles the above punch. It is all the rage in Europe and the U.S. now.
    • 1 cup of cachaca
    • 2 fresh limes (segmented, squeezed & bruised to release oils) (Lime juice and grated lime rind is another alternative)
    • 2 tablespoons sugar
    • 1 cup of crushed ice
    Pour into glasses

    A cocktail version:
    • 1 lime
    • 2oz cachaca (60ml)
    • sugar to taste
    • ice cubes
    Wash lime and roll to release oils. Cut lime in segments. Place in glass. Add sugar and crush. Add cachaca and stir. Add ice. This is an excellent way to get your vitamin C!     This page last modified Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:51:05 -0800