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my new gin still

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2020 10:23 pm
by howie
got to play with my xmas gift to myself.
got the chemistry set, some stands and an extra 5L boiling flask.
bought some tubing for the PC and got out the old camping stove for a heat source.
i found about 1.5L of sacrificial (very average) TPW to play with, that had been stripped and refluxed prior to my main still upgrade.
1st go - the set came with a separation funnel and a Vigreux Distillation Column (reflux), so i thought why not try the whole lot together.
chem still1 web.jpg
the separation funnel acted a bit like a bubbler and the vigreux added some reflux.
i was getting about 92% ABV, not bad, but i think i could tune it in a little bit more.
2nd go - just had the 5L boiling flask connected to the PC, so just like a pot still.
i was getting 84% abv from this, again i think i can improve this (maybe)
chem set 5.jpg
the top bit is temporary, so i could use the thermometer lol
It was interesting to watch condensing in action.
the PC coped very easily with the vapour.
chem set 7.jpg
todays experiment yielded 250mls, which is going onto 250gms of blueberries (no waste here :) )

so i will continue to play for a while, then it's gin time.
the OEG is running out faster than i thought, and i have all these botanicals to play with :think:

edit - i know that isn't really the way to operate a separation funnel, and it has got a PTFE tap.
i'm just playing with it.