Apple Pie Moonshine (no Cook)

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Apple Pie Moonshine (no Cook)

Post by jayka » Mon Dec 07, 2020 4:55 pm

Hi Here is my Apple pie moonshine recipe I created based on reviewing a lot of different recipes out there.

6.15lt Corn whiskey 65% (this can be substituted but I was trying to keep it traditional, Next time I will use apple brandy)
3.85 lt Concentrated apple juice home made. ... 11&t=81250
10 x Vanilla Bean fresh split through the middle and cut in half
2 x Cinnamon sticks broken into 10 pieces (try to keep as large as possible to avoid too many small floaties
20 x Fresh Apple slices

Step 1: Take your previously made liquor at test the ABV. Mine was 65%.

Step 2: Use your a dilution calculator to calculate your required dilution. (note you will not be able to use your alcometer after dilution due to the sugars in the mix) ... =10#result
Do not dilute with water yet
Step3: Use your apple juice concentrate to proof down your liquor. using the calculation above.
I went for 40% but you could probably take it as low as 30% which would probably please more people.

Step 4: You should now have 10lt of 40% apple flavour liquor. have a taste and see if you want to proof down further. Keep in mind you cant use your alcometer so you just need to use the calculator again.
Step 5: Once diluted to your liking add add half a vanilla bean pod (split through the middle) and a small chunk of cinnamon stick and an apple slice to your 500ml bottles then fill with Moonshine.

Step 6: Attach labels and distribute amongst family and friends
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Re: Apple Pie Moonshine (no Cook)

Post by dukethebeagle120 » Sat Apr 17, 2021 2:50 am

Nice presentation
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Re: Apple Pie Moonshine (no Cook)

Post by Saltbush Bill » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:55 am

Recipe and finished product looks the goods.

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