no-cook millet whiskey

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no-cook millet whiskey

Post by vernue » Thu Dec 31, 2020 8:28 am

This is nothing really new, simply using Booner's Casual protocol with millet instead of with corn meal. I poured about 20 liters of boiling water onto 5 k. millet that I had passed through a mill. Usually I cook the millet, but this was an experiment that went right. Stirred and added HTL enzyme, let it sit for 90 minutes with a coupla stirs, uncovered and let it cool down to 150F, added 2 T citric acid and GL, stirred again a few times. Iodine test - which i rarely do anymore - was great, and SG is standing at 1.072.

When cooking millet, it turns quite suddenly from a liquid with grains to a single semi-solid chunk of starch that is a pain to work with. I might be able to prevent that by pre-mashing with malt, but working with the enzymes is a joy.

Last night, I tasted a millet whiskey I started ageing 3 months ago and decided on the spot to try it again with this protocol. My millet whiskey tastes kind of foul until is starts tasting good - at about 3 months - and then just keeps getting better.
Both me and my whiskey are ageing. I hope my whiskey finishes first.
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