column takes quite a while to run

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Re: column takes quite a while to run

Postby Yummyrum » Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:02 pm

Saltbush Bill wrote:
Yummyrum wrote: I have pushed it to 30 liters a minuate

Wow that an achievement :thumbup: :crazy:

Whoops .... yup thats fast :oops: 30 liters per hour
Nice pickup Salty :ebiggrin:
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Re: column takes quite a while to run

Postby mjrbuzz » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:58 am

Some observations from my weekend of mashing rye. Rye is slimy.... Both batches I did a rest at 100 for an hour and around 125 for an hour before bring it up to 150 for conversion.

The first batch I waited to put my barley in until right before bring it up to 150. It was for sure the more slimy of the two. I believe that some of the enzimes in the barley helped reduce some of that in the second batch.

I used 12.5lbs of unmalted rye and 5.25 lbs of 2row in each batch. + Some extra enzimes for good measure. Rye is a pain to drain off and I may try rice hulls in the next attempt.

Even tho the first batch was nastier it came out at a 68 where the second batch I didn't get as good with a 62.

This is my first time using Daddy and I'm sold. the first batch I did yesterday is going off like crazy and I'm getting bubbles already on the one I pitched about 2hrs ago.

I will try to remember to get FG readings before it goes into the still.

That's about it if ya got any other questions I'll try to do my best to answer.
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