Few ?'s on first run with 1.5 boka inline.....

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Few ?'s on first run with 1.5 boka inline.....

Post by fishhawk357 » Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:18 pm

I just ran my recently built Bokakob mini and got a few questions. My first run did go very well and the mini stabalized very quickly and was giving me between 90-96% almost throughout the whole run. I ran 2 gallons of some rum that I screwed up on my other column along with the tails from that run. I ran it into seperate jars of 300ml. each. I collected 12 jars plus my test tube, that holds 250ml., of high stuff and another 2/3 of a liter of what I thought was supposed to be tails but it came out at 80%. It smelled and tasted good too for some reason. It was a 10 hour run and I stopped but was still collecting good stuff but it was all I could handle. My questions, The distillate was coming out very hot almost to the point of vapor. Is this normal for the design? My cooling water stayed cold for the whole run. After I seperated the good from the bad I got about a gallon and a quarter of 90%, is that ok from this design or did I run it to fast? I had to put the first three jars aside as they were not fit for drinking in my opinion. The first three had a powerful smell and it was not good. All other jars had almost no smell or taste until the very last one or two and of course the stuff that I though was gonna be tails. All in all, with the info I have here, do you guys with more experience think that the mini performed as it was designed to or did I mess something up along the way? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Re: Few ?'s on first run with 1.5 boka inline.....

Post by rad14701 » Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:28 pm

Some folks run a secondary external condenser on their slant plate columns due to the high temperature of the final product... The reason for the excessive heat is that the take-off cup is located directly in the vapor path so any condensed distillate that accumulates there is constantly being heated back up towards vaporization threshold again... Some of this liquid actually does return back into the vapor path...

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Re: Few ?'s on first run with 1.5 boka inline.....

Post by eternalfrost » Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:57 pm

my take off valve runs through about 3 feet of 1/4 copper before actually dripping out, it comes out at room temperature during the heads and hearts and just a bit hot as the tails start coming.

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