Rubber/Road CCVM vs Tube Dephlegmator

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Rubber/Road CCVM vs Tube Dephlegmator

Post by tiramisu » Tue Mar 09, 2021 11:46 am

Reflux condenser...

So I can get me a 3" 200mm - 9 pipe (12mm od) dephlegmator in copper for 145USD
For about the same price that I can twist up a 3/8 CCVM copper coil and glue the parts together.

The decision was much easier when CCVM was clearly the cheapest and easiest solution.
Now apparently I am required to think. Always a bad idea and I try to avoid it.

Are there any clear advantages to a tube dephlegmator over the ccvm? (other than I can avoid labour)
It looks tidier but I suspect it is less easily/quickly adjusted.
Any efficiency advantages in cooling?

The darn thing is pretty and would save me a bunch of fabrication but I'm not sure that which way to kick.

Any thoughts?


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