T500 Adaptions

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T500 Adaptions

Postby Manc » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:26 am

I like to share some of my experiences of running a t500 and invite people to put me straight and help me get better with there own experiences the solution I have found are by searching this site I'm not trying to claim as my own but put in one place and would like to thank everyone.

The biggest problem I originally found was controlling the water flow with the needle valve. I found that connecting to the mains water the slightest touch or any other item in the house using water would send the water temperature soaring or crashing and find it difficult to keep a constant flow. I have since bought a garden pond pump and a 200 litre barrel and now it takes a quarter turn of the valve to adjust the temperature of the cooling water.


The pump was off Amazon and is a 1500 l/ph with a 1.8 m max head it was adjustable so I could turn down but it has ran on full power since I got it, also with the heated water returning I have had no problems.

The next adaption was a voltage regulator and I think this is the best, Once I get the fores coming through I turn it down to 75% on the display ( I've read that this is not a linear reduction so don't know in real terms ). When the power is reduced I set the coloum into full reflux for 15 mins then adjust the water flow to get a broken stream around 55°c on the water thermometer and it now runs to the end with no further adjustments. Bit boring compared to what I use to do up and down like a ........ .


This was £10 off AliExpress it's a
AC 220V 10000W 80A Digital Control SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator 10-220V Speed Control Dimmer Thermostat + Digital Meters
I used a plug socket so I didn't have butcher the cable as it's still under warranty

Also because it's supplied with a plastic take off pipe I replaced with a 8mm soft copper pipe


My next project is to make a modular pot head for the boiler I got a Tri clamp adapter again from AliExpress it cost £15 and fits the hole in the lid perfect it's a male DN 40 thread


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Re: T500 Adaptions

Postby kimbodious » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:12 pm

Thanks for sharing :thumbup:
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