FNG from NAZ

New to distillation, or simply new to the HD forums.
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FNG from NAZ

Post by HodyMac » Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:51 pm

Hello all, I’m new here. I’ve been lurking and reading for a little bit. I’ve made a few batches of beer in the past, and interested in doing some stilling!
Aside from reading a few print-books and reading a lot here I’ve also done a substantial bit of spirit sampling!

I’m interested, initially in whiskey, brandy, etc... so I’ve started off with a pot still. I’ve about got the still built and a parrot. I’m planning to use an Anvil Foundry 10.5 for a kettle and for making all grain mash. I hope that that will prove to be an effecting approach.

Oh, I’m in northern Arizona, USA.
Other hobbies mountain biking, travel, etc. in the past year I spend a couple weeks in Scotland and visited as many distilleries as I could. Also, more recently, did a tour of Grand Teton Distillery, and John did a great tour. While I normally do not like vodka At All, I liked the vodka there. The tour was inspiring. So....
Here we go!

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Re: FNG from NAZ

Post by seabass » Mon Sep 07, 2020 5:17 pm


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