Beer maker Interested in Wood Aging

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Beer maker Interested in Wood Aging

Post by NotNamedGary » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:19 am

I’m very interested in Bourbon Barrel aged beers and have been working to mimic that on a small scale by seasoning, toasting and charring, and then aging my own oak (just using diluted everclear unfortunately). I’ve found the info on this site to Be very useful in this effort.

I am not a distiller at this point but would try it immediately if the federal law was changed. Seems like a travesty of justice that one can ferment to create alcohol as well as buy and drink spirits but go to jail for converting one to the other. I actively followed the Home Distilling Legalization Bill from a couple years and was disappointed to see it stall, even though it had the votes, due to the Senate Majority Leader (representing Kentucky and, one can assume, their major industry) declining to let it go to the floor for a vote with home distilling included. The bill passed with home distilling removed. Strong evidence of the government ranking the special interests of big business over every other individual citizen’s liberty. I will be contributing to the cause of lobbying for a new bill once that roadblock is removed

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Re: Beer maker Interested in Wood Aging

Post by Demy » Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:17 am

I also toasted some pieces of wood with excellent results. This forum is a great resource. Welcome!

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