flaked maize or cracked corn for UJSM?

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flaked maize or cracked corn for UJSM?

Postby sounder_4 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:32 am

What are the advantages/disadvantages of each? Will I get more corn flavor with flaked maize? Of course flaked maize is more expensive, but disregarding the cost which will give me a superior corn whiskey using Uncle Jessie's sour mash recipe?
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Re: flaked maize or cracked corn for UJSM?

Postby Prairiepiss » Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:47 am

I would say yes you would get more flavor out of the flaked grains. But not only is it more expensive. You will be using more. Reusing the flaked grains I would think wouldn't give you much on a second generation. And it would be a lot harder to separate from it to replace it. So I would also say if you were going to use flaked grain. You mite as well add some enzymes and mash it. So you would get more of your moneys worth out of it. If not that's a big waist of unfermentable starches that could be converted to fermentable sugars.

So for a strictly sugarhead I suggest cracked corn.
For a partial mash sugarhead I suggest flaked grain.

But if your really after corn flavor go all grain mash no sugar. After my tasting session this weekend. There is a big difference between the two. And I will defiantly going AG predominantly. Thanks to BigR.

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Re: flaked maize or cracked corn for UJSM?

Postby Odin » Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:50 am

I guess it depends on taste. I started with Dutch broken corn. Didn't give me any corn taste. Then I upgraded to flaked corn. Gave me a bit of taste. If you are in a place with tasty corn (broken as well as flaked), broken corn is easier to work with in UJSSM.

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Re: flaked maize or cracked corn for UJSM?

Postby Usge » Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:22 am

Ive used both. Generally, cracked corn is easier to deal with/drain off, etc. The taste can be different depending on what kind of "cracked" corn you are getting. Of course, "cracked" only refers to how it was processed. But most "cracked" corn is "feed" corn is usually of a lower quality and can be "dirty" as well. Literally. Cheap feed corn has a sort of "peanut" vibe to it in smell/taste that comes over. It's really the backmashing (sourmashing) in the recipe that makes it come into it's own.

Better quality (food grade maize) corn can be had ...though it also is more expensive and you'll have to chop it yourself. Honeyville grains sells yellow dent corn (food grade) in 50lb lots. You can malt this corn, or chop it (or both). They charge a lot for it, but the shipping is less than 7 dollars on as much as you want. It's taste is similar to the flaked corn.

Good quality coarse corn meal is also good flavor wise...but as even worse issues with floating/straining off, clearing etc. I bought a bag of name brand feed corn just to get some UJSM going but had been using flaked corn previous to that for AG and a couple of sugar/wash experiments. I can tell you for sure..the flaked corn is a LOT better. It's also great for doing AG mashes as it disperses easily and has good corn flavor (as opposed to dirt/peanut, etc vibe of feed corn). Course that's all relative to where you live too (ie., what kind of grain you can get as feed corn).
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