stilling trial and error 66 lbs grain 7 lbs wheat malt

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stilling trial and error 66 lbs grain 7 lbs wheat malt

Postby dukethebeagle120 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:39 am

mixed up a ferment yesterday
55 lbs corn
11 lbs ground unmalted wheat
36 gallons of water
used soc method
got up this morning and the temp was at 136
hmmm.needed to be warmed up
is use green malt and have been researching on hd gs on diastatic power of green malt
it said wheat malt well malted had a dp of 800
barley 1200
yeah right
so i did the calculations and figured with 7 lbs i would have ample
i just wanted to thin the jello out to steam warm it
so i added the wheat malt and the 36 gallon 66 pounds of grain thinned out to water in 5 minutes
geez that was quick
and it had no grassy smell
i find barley to be the grain that smell and taste grassy
wheat has little root or acrospire therefore it almost has no taste
after malting i always freeze the malt to get it hard
really helps in grinding and keeps it fresh
i ground all my green malt in 5 minutes
grinds as if it was dry
so anyhow i checked the gravity and it was at 1.064
i did heat it up to 146 with the steam wand
keep you posted
this mash is getting me cranked because of the amount of conversion with so little malt
its better to think like a fool but keep your mouth shut,then to open ur mouth and have it confirmed
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