What this forum is for .....

Many like to post about a first successful ferment (or first all grain mash), or first still built/bought or first good run of the still. Tell us about all of these great times here.
Pics are VERY welcome, we drool over pretty copper 8)

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What this forum is for .....

Postby Husker » Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:32 am

We put this forum here, as a watering hole where we can come and show off some great new successes (failures are welcome, but many may not want to share them, lol).

Things for this forum are things like:

  • a new still (pics are GREAT)
  • finally getting a good malt of some corn
  • a first successful run of a still
  • opening an aged bottle of your stuff and realizing that it is BETTER than top shelf
  • ANY other first (or 2nd, 3rd ... lol) that you are happy with, and want to share with the group

Lets share the good news, and give ppl some pix to drool over, lol.

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