Wheat Bran (Bakers)

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Wheat Bran (Bakers)

Postby ibfestus » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:08 am

Below is a reproduction of the label on a package of wheat bran I bought at a Amish store. I have used this product with success in Rad's recipes. It is very interesting stuff and note the pricing... They do ship (at least to the U.S.).

Dutch Bakery &
Bulk Food Store, LLC

Wheat Bran (Baker’s)

ing: Wheat Bran
**Contains: Wheat Ingredients
Product Information/materials may change

**Baker’s Bran is a wheat bran with a finer particle size
and is made from a mixture of premium grade hard wheat
This bran is high in fiber and will add both flavor and
texture to a variety of foods including baked goods
cereal and paste


net Wt. 2.29 lb___] Price _$0.59__{__Total price _$1.35_

Trust me, 2.29 lbs of this will go a long way in our hobby.
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