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Postby jessiejames12169 » Fri Nov 08, 2013 7:26 am

My fiance recently purchased a still and this is all new for us. I need some information. We live in a big converted barn and there is a room above the garage that is not insulated and infact has spaces you can actually see the outside. He wants to put the still in that room for alcohol making. My safety concern is using a propane tank indoors in fear of it blowing up (esp. since this is his first time and he really doesn't know what he is doing.) Please let me know your thoughts on doing this.

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Postby Prairiepiss » Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:27 am

Personaly I wouldn't do it there. Because you said you are living in this barn. I would encourage him to run it outside. Or in another outbuilding that has plenty of ventilation.
Best option would be to go electric. And heat the still with an electric element. It would be a lot safer in the location you described.

But many others may have a different opinion on this.

I would also suggest highly that he takes the time to do what many of us consider mandatory reading. Here on HD. Before he does any running. It can be a very safe hobby. If the proper research is done before jumping into it. Not to bad mouth any splace that sells stills. But a lot of people that buy stills are misinformed about a lot of things. And need to do some good research to correct that misinformation.

Step over to the welcome center. And give us a proper intro. Or have him do it.

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Postby Snuffy-ga » Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:04 pm

I was running my reflux quite nicely and had everything nice and stable. I had to pee so I took a quick look at everything and was shocked, amazed and skeert squirt less when I saw my collection jar sitting in a cloud of of vapor. Since I run with propane (open flame) I knew I had to resolve this asap so I turned up the water flow to near max and immediately the vapor turned to a heavy drip. I opened the door to freshen the air.

I take the extra precaution of putting my collection jar in a large cooking pot to contain any spills or heavier than air vapor. And glad I did. As it turned out when I originally set this still up, I used both copper mesh and ceramic rasching beads. Some of the beads made their way into the liebig and halfway through the run managed to clog the water flow to the condenser, hence the vapor. When I turned up the water flow they moved enough to free the water flow again. Just a lesson, dont leave the thing to run itself. Monitor every few minutes at a minimum. By the way, I never did go pee, guess I reabsorbed it because the feeling just went away. I had a nice run in spite of the excitement.
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