Incoloy Element

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Incoloy Element

Postby artooks » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:16 pm

Hi Everyone,

After many hours of search I have found an element which suits my needs, this is the:

Camco 02929
4500 Watt Straight (LWD) Stainless Steel Heating Element

The base of this element is 304 SS which is ok but the sheath tube is made of incoloy,

In the description it says:

The grey/charcoal heating rods are made from the highest Grade Nickel and Chromium Incoloy (804 stainless steel) which is high temperature and corrosion resistant. It is essentially a mix of premium grade nickel and stainless steel. Incoloy is about 8 times more expensive, lighter, and more corrosion resistant than standard 304/316 stainless steel. It will also not rust. High temperature resistance allows the heating element to resist damage in the event that it is fired dry (not in water) by accident.
Better sheath (tube) material made from a high performance nickel-chromium stainless steel (804) alloy with much better temperature and corrosion resistance than standard shiny 2xx/3xx stainless steel.

So I assume if it is really 8 times more corrosion resistant I can use it, does anyone uses this type of element, is it safe to use it with washes up to 30%-40% ethanol ?

Just want to confirm this because I could not find much info about this.

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