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Forum Search Tools

Postby HookLine » Sat May 30, 2009 2:03 am

Search Tools

Here are some tools that can be used to find information on the HomeDistiller site (the home site, the forum, and the Wiki). Links to most of these tools can be found in the header at the top of every page on the HD forum. Use them to search for specific information on HomeDistiller, before asking for that information on the forum.

These tools are

1) the Static Menu for the home site,
2) the forum's own search tool, and
3) this HD specific Google search phrase:

site: [insert your search terms here]

For example:
site: tequila
site: "fruit mash"

The HD specific Google search phrase has many advantages over the forum's own search tool. It is able to do phrase specific searches, (the ones placed inside quotes, as in the second example above), which can greatly reduce the number of less relevant search results. It is a whole site search, while the site's internal phpBB search removes many common words, making some searches harder to perform. The Google search has better logical selection (AND, OR, NOT, etc), where you can better qualify what you are interested in, allowing you to narrow in on fewer search results which contain more of what you are interested in. Also, the Google ranking (relevant pages higher up), seems to work better than the phpBB search.

There is also this multi-site Google search tool specifically for hobby distilling sites (in English).

And don't forget the HD Wiki, though that still needs a lot of work.

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Understand Google Dorks

Postby Husker » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:08 am

When using Google to search any site (also this is a problem as Google doesn't crawl the site instantly, which can be a problem sometimes...) the search should look more like this:

site: intext:"search term" < I suggest using this on the HD Google search as the stock search term for people as it will help out alot. Notice I dropped the /forum part aswell.

it is very important to put quotes in the intext: search as that searches for both words in one place (if using two words) also important that after a Google dork (the intext: part) that there is no space between the : and the start of your search term.

This link may help some of you further narrow your search - ... of_google/

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