Image Uploading and Posting Etiquette

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Image Uploading and Posting Etiquette

Post by rad14701 » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:24 pm

Image Uploading and Posting Etiquette

When uploading images to be attached to posts within these forums the following guidelines must be followed. The maximum resolution of images should be constrained to no larger than 800px maximum in any dimension. Keeping them at 500px to 600px is even better. If greater detail needs to be presented, use image editing software to crop the portion of the original image into a new image so that detailed view can be uploaded. For example, we don't need to see an entire workshop in order to see a needle valve installation. Overall image file sizes should not need to be larger than 100k, and keeping the image display size down will also help keep the physical file size down as well.

If members wish to display the fruits of their labors they must take an active role in maintaining reasonable image sizing. While several images have been resized by Administrators and/or Moderators in the past, it is not their job to do so and it would be quite time consuming to do on a day to day basis. You are responsible for your own images. With some cameras it is possible to reduce the size of the stored images and that may be a simpler option than resizing, but many newer cameras don't go low enough...

As has been previously mentioned in the forums, if images are too large they will simply be deleted from posts without prior notification. Not knowing how to resize images is no excuse as there are plenty of sites on the internet that explain the process in depth. Having a bleeding edge camera and computer system is no excuse either, as we must realize that everyone doesn't have super fast computers and/or internet hosting.

We must have everyone's cooperation regarding this matter in order to continue to allow image uploads. The only other options would be to either ban image uploads or require external hosting, that all too often ends up with orphaned or broken image links, which is why allowing uploads is preferred.

Re-posting previously uploaded attachments

There may be a time when you want to re-post an attachment in another topic. The instructions below explain how this can be done, by linking, without re-uploading the attachment.

Goto User Control Panel > Manage Attachments

Right-Click on the desired image name and:
Firefox: Select "Copy Image Location"
IE: Select Properties > Highlight and Copy the Address (URL), making sure you copy the entire URL even if it spans multiple lines.

OR click on the image to view it and copy the URL out of the address bar

Within your forum post:

Click on the [ URL ] button to create [ url ][/ url ] tags
Paste the copied URL between the tags like [ url ]<paste url from clipboard>[/ url ]
You should end up with something like: [ url ] ... p?id=12345][/url]

Take advantage of this feature whenever possible... A similar method can be used for linking to other members images within posts.