Rules for advertising on Home Distiller forums.

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Rules for advertising on Home Distiller forums.

Postby Husker » Tue May 24, 2011 12:34 pm

ALL advertising on the Home Distiller Forums, shall be done in the 'Classified Ads' sub-forum.

All advertising must be deemed to be 'on topic' for the Home Distiller forum, such as books, tools, supplies, designs/plans/software built to help in some aspect of distillation/fermentation/fabrication, or some other 'on topic' item or service. The forum management will remove any advertisements deemed off-topic, without notice.

This advertising shall be limited to only those members who are active within the general forums and is a member of good standing as shall be determined by the forum management. Essentially, any advertiser must participate in day to day forum discussions on a regular basis, offering more help than they are requesting. This will help the general membership in determining whether advertisers have a working knowledge of home distillation to the extent of knowing how products work and what importance each facet of the product contributes to its design and use. It will also insure that the advertiser is more interested in the hobby of home distillation than merely profiting from the membership.

Advertising in personal profile signatures is discouraged. Such advertising may serve as a distraction and does not always convey the best intentions of a member incorporating them into each and every one of their posts within these forums. Again, the Classified Ads section is for advertising, not the general forums. Links to any page on the entire Home Distiller site are permissible but any external links should be avoided and may be removed by forum management without notification. Such advertising includes, but is not limited to, links to external sites, offerings of products or services, or product images.

Links to Classified Ad's is also discouraged due to the fact that such links would become broken once the Classified Ad linked to is deleted or ages off the system. This concern relates to links placed within forum posts as well as personal profile signatures.
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