The Rules by Which We Live

This forum is used by 1000's of people from dozens of countries. Please observe the rules, we all want to get along and contribute in a graceful manner.

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The Rules by Which We Live

Post by Uncle Jesse » Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:05 am

Here is the official list of forum rules.

1. Nobody who is under age is welcome here. These forums are not for people who are under legal drinking age in their particular location. Please don't sully our reputation through your actions.

2. Be polite and courteous. Remember that nobody is perfect and nobody knows everything. We've all got our strengths and limitations which is why we share information with each other in the first place. Remember that we're all different and nothing is going to change that fact.

3. Please use the "search" feature before asking novice questions. We're willing to help, but we're more willing to help if you take the time to familiarize yourself first.

4. No porn. Don't post it.

5. Do not discuss politics or religion. These forums are a friendly place for a community which shares a common interest: creating high quality spirits. These discussions only divide people and quickly lead to flaming and hard feelings.

6. No discussions of any illegal activity, except the actual hobby level distillation process. These forums are only for discussing the creation and enjoyment of high quality spirits for one's own personal consumption. They are not for the discussion or promotion of any other illegal activities, including illegal drugs, obtaining stilling materials by illegal means, etc. Offenders may be banned. Do not discuss cannabis until it is legalized at the Federal level in the United States.

7. No racism. I don't care what your views are regarding people who aren't the same color, sex, or ethnic heritage as you, keep them to yourself. Remember that I'm a minority as are many others of our members.

8. These forums take a very strong negative view on the use of plastics and synthetics in distilling. It simply is not safe to use these during any part of the distillation process. HPDE buckets are acceptable for fermentation. There simply are too many types of plastics and a lack of reliable information for us to reliably advocate their use anywhere in the distillation apparatus. Also, from past posting history, this topic seems to quickly boil down into an almost religious flame war. Thus we simply will not put up with it, and posts about any form of plastic use will be edited, deleted or locked. There is a forum for proven info for or against any material (material/safety.)

9. It is the hope of this forum to promote the legislation of home distilling as a legal hobby here in the United States. One of our goals is to prove that quality products can be created safely by the home distiller for personal use. Any discussion of selling, bartering or trading any distilled liquor unless by a licensed distillery will not tolerated. Such posts will be edited, deleted or locked, and the poster removed from this site.

10. In our view 30 gallons and under is considered hobby size. Do not bring anything larger than this to our site. Legal distillers can talk about larger boilers in the Craft Distiller forums.

11. Links to these sites are not welcome here - HILL TOP COPPER OR DEEP SOUTH STILLS, Powder River Copper works,, Stilldrinkin, realmccoymoonshinestills, Rkhelp, Hillbilly Stills, visionstills, woodshed distilling, These sellers all have a poor reputation regarding service, workmanship or both.

12. Only one user ID is allowed. Only craft distillers may list a web site in their profile or signature, with license # provided.Please disable tapeatalk ads before you post on Home Distillers.

13. Enjoy the information offered here and share your knowledge with us.
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