Bokabob mini-still vs Amphora PDA-1

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Bokabob mini-still vs Amphora PDA-1

Postby GingerBreadMan » Sun Feb 17, 2008 6:59 pm

I have a pot/column still that I really like, and I'm starting to really learn how to use it to make some nice rum and I'll be trying corn whiskey next.

But, for the summer I'd like to make some vodka for our own coolers. Made some last year, but distilling 3 times with the current setup is too much work - it was fun while learning, but I don't think it'll be fun this year.

So, I'm looking at the Bokabob mini-still and the Amphora PDA-1. At first glance they look similiar, but different. The PDA has the needle valve after the condensor, while a Bokabob has the needle valve right after the collection plate and I'm assuming you can put a condensor after the needle valve.

Hmmm... Is the PDA some sort of vapour management setup where there is no collection plate inside the column? Or is it just like a Bokabob except for some odd reason the valve is put after the condensor.

I'm looking at building a Bokabob type still, but if the PDA doesn't have the collection plates then it certainly would be a simpler build.

Does anyone know the slight differences between the two designs?
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Postby highball » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:12 pm

I think the 2 are almost the same thing. and there was some copy right issues
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