Canned plums and peaches

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Canned plums and peaches

Post by PoppaW » Sun Jul 12, 2020 10:32 am

My wife said to get rid of the old plums and peaches because nobody’s eating them. So first I made plum wine. I am not sure how much sugar is in the mason jars so I didn’t do any math on Sg. I added sugar water to top up the fermenter. Roughly 6 gallons in it. First thing I noticed was the frothy head on top. Always moving. The bottom was also always moving. I left it alone for three weeks and it stopped bubbling. While draining and straining I noticed a sweet sugar smell at the bottom which made me wonder if I should have mixed it up a bit during those three weeks. The wine smelled good but was dry and almost sour tasting. Not my style. I save 2 litres in case someone wants to try it and ran the rest through the pot. I got a decent haul and save 2.1 litres from the run to drink. 1 litre white and the other got some med toast oak chips. The latter is plum bbq as the oak brought out some spice flavour. So my question is should I have stirred it a bit? The plums were 10 jars and I just started with 14 jars of peaches. If it makes any difference I am using Lalvin D47 yeast on the fruit. The plums and peaches were blended well to remove large bits. More purée.

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Re: Canned plums and peaches

Post by NineInchNails » Sun Aug 16, 2020 7:57 am

Isn't this a perfect reason to get a decent refractometer? It is my understanding it will read the SG in a fruit mash. I somewhat recently bought a ATC refractometer and has worked perfectly so far. When tested with RO water it read 0. I've used it 7 or 8 times and it has not needed to be calibrated once. Very convenient and fun to use.

Probably depends on the SG. If it is low then I suspect there's a higher risk of contamination. You can slosh the fermenter around and that shouldn't have any potential risk for contam. With 10% potential ABV washes, I like to use a drill & mixing paddle to introduce oxygen and expel Co2 for the first 2-3 days for good yeast production. There's supposedly very little chance of contam due the the ABV and ph.

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