Ramblings of an Old Man

Treatment and handling of your distillate.

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Ramblings of an Old Man

Post by Bohunk » Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:13 am

My good friend SandHusker gave me a couple infusion spirals, I would guess they were each about six inches long. I put both of them in a gallon jug filled about two thirds full of 130 proof hearts, and promptly forgot about them. This is one of the things I do best (forget things). The other day I found the jug, and read the note I had scribbled on it, been about a year and a half sense I last saw this particular jug. I took a small sample and watered it down with distilled water, had a little taste. Damm, it wasn’t bad!! Most of my ageing is done with Pint-O-Shine’s method of cutting strips of oak(wine barrel staves), and charring them red hot with a torch. In a side by side test, I had a hard time deciding which one was better, but I guess I’m more used to the charred oak taste, so that is the one I picked as best, but the spiral jug would not be far behind. Those spirals do work!
Cause I’m seventy years old, time goes by quickly, and whiskey ages well, I remember when I was full of “tomorrow”, I couldn’t wait for anything, and drank most of my booze too early. I think the most important thing to remember in this endeavor is to be patient, and let your product age, we all are in hurry to sample it, then once the cap is off, it’s gone. The product I age in glass jugs and carboys, are covered with paper towel, not lids. Remember, to air out your jugs, and let them sit a long time.

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Re: Ramblings of an Old Man

Post by Hawke » Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:30 am

Congrats on the success.
Yes it is very hard to wait out the process. But, what a difference it makes.
It is the very things that we think we know, that keep us from learning what we should know.
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Re: Ramblings of an Old Man

Post by Turd Hammer » Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:22 am

Keep on ramblin old friend, or new friend, seein as how I'm new and all.
I'm just starting, just got my first quart of hearts WooHoo.

Have been reading up on aging, oaking and such and found your final comments about paper towels useful and reasuring. I have been using them on my old mason jars and carboys also, don't have any coffee filters in the house and don't plan on making a 60 mile round trip to get none either. At least none to soon that is.

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