Adding whole fruit to moonshine for looks\flavour?

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Adding whole fruit to moonshine for looks\flavour?

Postby GuyFromTheNorth » Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:00 pm

Wow I just typed up an entire paragraph on my question and the forum "lost" it and here I go again lol.

I'm new here, a friend and I recently made a nice 50oz batch of 130proof from a basic cane sugar mix. It tastes alright, nothing special but it's the thought that counts. We are hoping to give some to family as a Christmas present and were looking to jar some of it in classic mason jars. I had the idea of maybe putting whole items in the jar to make it look neat (as opposed to a jar of clear fluid) but worry about doing it wrong. Since we only have 50oz we don't have alot to experiment with and I worry that if we put something in it and jar it (like a pear or an apricot, we though coffee beans might be neat too) may turn cloudy or start to break down. Can anyone give any tips or experiences with jarring whole food in 130proof+? Any info would be great, in the new year we will have 2 full batches going to really experiment with, but right now we have a limited test base. Thanks!
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Re: Adding whole fruit to moonshine for looks\flavour?

Postby Husker » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:28 am

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