Hundred dollar for a gallon of shine???

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Re: Hundred dollar for a gallon of shine???

Postby rager » Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:42 pm

just sayin wrote:I have tasted "moonshine" twice, first time was forty years ago. It didn't taste as good as kerosine smells. I didn't taste it again for thirty years. A good friend bought a jar of peach moonshine to deercamp. I almost passed up the jar because of the paint thinner I had tasted thirty years before. This shiner was a true artist, a true "Artisan Distiller!". I would pay $100.00 a gallon for his workmanship. That one small sip changed my life. My burning question was "how the heck did he make that?", caused me to ultimately find my way here. I have read studied, researched and experimented for most of the last decade. After all that, I would love be able to buy a gallon of what I tasted once ten years ago for only $100.
I would imagine Tim, Tickle, Jim Tom and the other big bucks stars of the TV Sitcom would snatch up a gallon too, and they would gladly pay $100 a gallon for that superb peach brandy and would all be asking themselves, "how the heck can I make that?"
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JS. my first sample was peach shine from west virgina, about 4 years ago. it was truly amazing and im still to this day wonder how it was made. story has it it came from a recipe for multiple generations. i wonder if some how we both had tried the same shine

in either case, once that gallon jug made it up to the northeast it was 160 a gallon. :shock: :crazy:
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Re: Hundred dollar for a gallon of shine???

Postby just sayin » Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:53 pm

I tasted the "peach" in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia but have no idea where it was made. You can be in Pennsylvania, Maryland or (East) Virginia in an hour or two from this part of The Mountain State.
Who ever made it knew what they were doing, tasted almost like a mid- season peach, one so juicy it drips off your chin between bites. Great stuff, wonderful to sip slowly and savior!
just sayin
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Re: Hundred dollar for a gallon of shine???

Postby CoolHand » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:47 am

I'm from the north eastern part of Georgia and have met most of those guys from the show. They are all just good ole southern boys. It's those producers from the north that need the storyline to keep people watching. The South has a lot of heritage that we don't want to give up. I can buy what I need at the grocery store but I prefer to grow it or raise it myself. I could also hire out any work that needs to be done, but I have a better time doing it with my neighbors. My grandma made the best biscuits I ever ate. She never had a recipe, she just new how to make them. Some times we make things a lot more complicated than they really are. You will never meet any nicer or respectful group of folks than in the south. At the end of this month there's a hillbilly festival in Maggie Valley, NC. Y'all want to have a good time meet me there with all the other moonshiners. Once you get to know them, then you can make your own opinion.

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Re: Hundred dollar for a gallon of shine???

Postby rgreen2002 » Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:44 pm

CoolHand wrote:Some times we make things a lot more complicated than they really are.

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Amen to that with a +1
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