Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Discussion and plans for legalizing our hobby.

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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby still_stirrin » Wed May 13, 2015 2:26 pm

Very good DNS.

Hopefully those pebbles rolling down the mountain will roll (and grow) this far (south of the border). The microbrewery surge of the early 90's is an excellent example of how the momentum (and support) can grow politically and actually help infuse the revenue coffers. Simply put...interest breeds interest (and investment).

I wish the conservative nature of our government would take note as well. The liberal states (you know who you are) have loopholes and caveats written into their laws permitting consumer development as we "test the waters" of legality. Time will tell.

Thanks for taking the initiative DNS. It's all good, eh?
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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby HDNB » Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:36 am

So it occurred to me on my (extremely) long drive home from pr%f in Washington that this information, with some base stats should be forwarded to the Minister of tourism here. The more the merrier right?

The idea being i dropped about 500 USD in tourist bux in the great state of Washington in span of about 28 hours.
there is an economic boon for the hosting city, and any centre of decent size could do "regionals".

with over 1000 attendees the show alone generated an naverage of 45000 in admission and i'd bet the average joe there bought a crock, but say half did...thats another 15000 in sales.
i'd guess there was at least 3 people x 50 vendors there so another 150 people and the registration for the show was at least 500 er booth (odin would know) so 25000 for them to attend.
everyone eats so 1150 people x at least 2 meals at 20 each is 46000 for area restaurants
if 20% of the people were out of towners that would be about 250 people that spent an average of 500 each or 125000 on fuel, hotels, meals and incedentals.

There was money spent on IT, advertizing and promotion, management, rent, and how many more obscure things?

direct impact of this 4 hour long show on the local economy? at least $250,000 dollars. do the income tax, fuel tax, hotel tax business tax and permits required.... the governement partnership in this event earned at least 100000....25 grand an hour?... that's folding money.

With our brand shiney new Tax and Spend governement in Alberta maybe this is a fresh idea for them to raise some tax dollars to spend on their social programs??? (ok maybe don't wave that flag in their face) :roll:

D-N-S, Since you have already outed your name to the gooberment, maybe you could send some more letters? what other Ministers may be interested?

( i get the distinction between hobby and cottage or craft, but there were a few vendors there that were displaying products from smaller batches than many here make. these guys were deffo working in their garages before they got whatever simple permits allow them to farmers market/farm gate/craft spirit shows their wares and make even more tax money for Washington. There is 150+ craft distillers in the state, and they all came from somewhere!)
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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby Bearded Distiller » Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:41 am

Cant wait to see the reply.

Unfortunately I don't think our new government will be changing anything anytime soon. They need all the tax dollars they can get there hands on.

AND GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby Antler24 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:37 pm

Ever any updates to this?
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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby diesel75 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:06 pm

I think that would be a great idea.I haven't heard of anyone being charged for moon shining in Alberta lately but,I don't want to end up getting a record for something I enjoy doing. Wish I new an old timer who knows about making whiskey. My grandpa didn't know anything about it.
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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby Drunk-N-Smurf » Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:04 am

Boy have I been away for a while......

No new developments, haven't had much time to direct to the cause lately.

Though I've been itching to stir the pot again. I've relocated to Saskatchewan back in November and haven't even unpacked my still yet. But soon very soon lol.

Seems Saskatchewan is a little more relaxed on the issuing of micro distillery licensing, I don't have all the details yet but defiantly looks easier than in Alberta. I did talk to an rcmp officer that was living across the way about it and his response was as long as I wasn't selling then the local boys had no issues. He also mentioned that he new of a few guys in the area who enjoy the hobby.
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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby papapro » Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:44 pm

DNS Thank you for standind for ALL of us in Canada I loved the letter you wrote and apreciate that you are talking for ALL
provinces I know I am almost a year behind but I started to be more active recently.

I would like what has been changed since last year.

Yes I am a Novice with 40+ years of doing this hobby
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Re: Calling all Alberta hobby distillers

Postby HDNB » Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:32 pm

nothing has changed on the hobby level.

yer not likely to get burned if you stay quiet and don't sell, it's not a witch hunt...but i have on pretty good authority (an AGLC inspector) that they actively look for illegal sales (not so much hobby production) and throw all the weight they can behind making a bootleggers life bad.

micro disillers are making good headway with the authorities out here and BC,but i understand the OLCB is still a bitch to deal with if you try and go pro in Ontario, but that is just what i have read. don't really know much about it...since i ain't there.

the big bad law is the excize tax one, owning a still in Canada without a license....but i have not found anyone charged with that yet.
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