Cheap fractionating still

Alcohol is an inexpensive, clean and renewable fuel source.

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Re: Cheap fractionating still

Postby Seb » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:02 am

Yummyrum wrote:Same thing when the fire dies down , less vapour ...the split is still the same ...the reflux ratio is still the same .....the purity is still the same .
The only thing that changes is the output rate .....but at least it is at a constant purity or ABV .

And I know this from personal experience here as our electricity goes up and down like a Yo-Yo . I built a LM/VM head and I never use it in LM anymore as VM is much more stable with a varying power source a wood fired boiler :thumbup:

Thanks a lot Yummyrum. I get the difference now. Is the difference between both very significant? I mean I would totally go for VM to achieve vodka if only a wood fired boiler is available. But on the other side VM is a more complicated design, it requires 2 condensers and as my fuel can rate anywhere between 85 to 96 ABV, you can actually yield between both, it's a bit up to you, your car engine won't complain... in that case I wonder if such an improvement in the regularity of the ABV throughout the distillation process is worth it. Tell me, is that improvement that noticeable? and Is LM that irregular? Since you experienced both.
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