Baltimore Pit Beef Sammies Slight Variation. DAMN !!!

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Baltimore Pit Beef Sammies Slight Variation. DAMN !!!

Postby FreeMountainHermit » Fri May 06, 2016 4:06 am

Guys, a few months ago found me pokin' around on some roads less traveled over in Gilmer County, West Virginia when I stumbled upon a Baltimore Pit Beef Shack. Baltimore Pit Beef is a regional thing that's basically foreign to the rest of the civilized world.

Hmmmm, a Baltimore Pit Beef Shack in West Virginia. Yeah right. :crazy: Well the shadows were getting long and it was time to head back home so I resolved to come back ASAP to find how bad some hillbilly had f'ucked up some pit beef up which is or should be a crime with severe penalties.

Came back a day or two later ready to do battle with the owner and set 'im right. Boy was I wrong !!!!!! DAMN !!!!

Turns out the guy was the baseball coach at the college and a Baltimore native ta boot that had married a hillbilly girl,she's a professor at the college, and planted roots here.

Darn good sammich as well as tiger sauce to go with it although he did marinate it which is kind of departure from the B'more way of doing it. A big thumbs up.

All this made me hungry fora BPB sammie so I went out a bought me a big honkin' chunk of bottom round on sale and stuck it in the freezer till our weather got a little more friendly.

I usually cook for me and the dawg so what to do with all the leftover beef presented a small problem as thawing out food is never as good as fresh off the cooker.

Googled youtube "pit beef" and came up with this video. Followed it to the letter on my WSM except for the rub opting for a simple cracked black pepper, kosher salt, garlic powder mix instead. The au jus solved the leftover problem after thawing.

Please enjoy. There's a link to the recipe below the vid.
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