Corn Meal Mash

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Corn Meal Mash

Postby Bama1981 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 11:02 pm

corn meal mash

Postby Bama1981 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:19 pm
My corn meal mash bill is as follows:
15 lbs white plain corn meal
20 lbs white sugar
15 gallons water
3 lbs malted yellow corn(self malted)
2 tbsp Amylase powder
3 tbs yeast(activated with liquid from the Mash Tun)

I love the flavor of likker made with corn meal and corn malt... and the sugar tends to lend a touch of sweetness on the tongue when you swallow. I enjoy malting my own corn and Yes, it's a bit of work, but If you want a good tasting sipper this is one to try. If you want rocket fuel this is not worth the effort for you.

I heat 10 gallons of water to 190 degrees, pour into my cooler/mash tun, add the corn meal, slowly stirring all the while. Continue to stir until well blended and no lumps are present. Not sure how much temperature drop occurs when the meal is added but the meal begins to thicken almost immediately at this temperature. Leave cooler open and stir every 5 to 10 minutes until temperature hits about 164( doesn't take long). I add the ground corn malt and blend in very well. Close the lid and walk away. Return 2 hours later to add the Amylase powder. The malt has already been busy doing its conversion thing, but due to the low conversion rate of malt corn I add 2 tbsp Amylase powder and blend in very well, close the lid and walk away. Next day I heat the remaining 5 gallons of water to to a temperature that will allow me to dissolve the sugar and I add the sugar water to the tun of cornmeal and blend in very well. Check the temperature of the mash and at about 85-90 degrees I pitch activated yeast , close the lid and walk away. Check the mash after about 3 hours to make sure it's working. ( I like to ferment in my tun instead of straining into another vessel, No need for nutrients to be added...meal takes care of that). Usually it takes a week(5-7 days) for the process to complete. When the bubbling stops it's time to cook. I have waited as much as 2 weeks after no bubbles before I make the run but, usually I will give it a week to settle after bubbling stops. No sound reason for doing this, but it's what I do. Always seems to work well for me. When ready to cook I open the ball valve and drain the liquid into buckets. I take the screen off my bazooka screen and let the meal do the straining. The first liquid will have to re-dumped into tun and continue doing this till liquid is free of sediment( trust me, this is a must do or it will scorch) When I am happy with clarity of the liquid I pour it into the boiler and set it off.

My kit is a 15 1/2 gallon keg with an 18" high, 2" column running into a 3/4 shotgun condenser. I pack the column with SS pot scrubbers and Dollar Tree playing marbles. Toss the shots and heads(10 ml per gallon fore shots and tend to go by smell and taste to make the heads -hearts cut) back of a SS spoon is my tester and when I like what I taste I start collecting for keeps. Monitor the flow and adjust the heat to get a small stream of likker flowing(match stick size). I make the hearts -tails cut at 85 proof(some good flavor is in there from 95-85 proof). Continue to catch flow till about 40 proof and use this as a primer for the next run(backings). Not a very technical process compared to other posters in here, but I'm not looking for rocket fuel, I want sweet corn likker. Yes, it is a sugar head, but it smells and tastes like corn likker(just more of it due to sugar). So much can be done with left over corn meal,but that's another run and another day.
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