Rolled Oats and Corn Sugarhead Recipe

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Rolled Oats and Corn Sugarhead Recipe

Postby Allmyexsliveinhell » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:20 am

Ok so I thought I would share a recipe I use to make a "sugarhead whiskey" that comes out damn good and ferments out very well


2 32oz bags of "bobs" organic rolled oats
1 5lb bag of cornmeal
4lbs of table sugar
2 tbsp of amalayse enzyme mix
1 pack of ec-1118 made into a starter culture(i use 2tbsp of sugar and a quart of water per pack of yeast and let it sit until it has a nice cap)

I start by putting the rolled oats in my dutch oven, and covering them with water. i put the lid on and let them get up and not get over 165F, just about 20 mins and they gel up nice, another 20 and they get to 165F

kill the heat and start letting them cool at that point.

when they hit 155 i add my enzyme mix and stir it into the thick gelled oats well.

in a 6.5 gal fermenter i add the oats, cornmeal, and sugar and cover the rest with cool water. it normally comes out just about with about 3/4 gallons of space at the head. i then add my fermax and fermaid-K. and my yeast starter when it gets to about 90F

this one always takes a while to ferment, about 2 weeks. i wait another week for it to clear and strain thru cheesecloth before running. each 5.5ish gallon ferment usually lands me about 3/4 a gallon of high proof liquor sometimes up to a gallon over 130. the oats really carry a nice flavor that ends up in the product, well worth it. I do single run pot still stuff, make discriminate cuts and blend it well after adding distilled water. this is all with a 13gal copper pot still.

ive also done this with fresh corn and flaked maize. ive never done a sugarhead with malted grain because it doesnt seem worth it. im going to try this with no added sugar and more grain and malted barley and I will post that as a separate recipe one of these days.

sometimes when the ec-1118 gets close to its alc tolerance i add some DADY and push it a little more. i find DADY to be good for more than fuel, if you use it properly.


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