Brew Bag Corn Likker

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Brew Bag Corn Likker

Postby Biker Mark » Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:39 am

I had been playing with UJSM for some time and this is my modification to the recipe and process.
All Credit goes to Uncle Jesse for the recipe. Just my somewhat unique spin on it.
Good , Bad or indifferent, it's been working well for me for a while now. And has a unique flavor as well. And added simlicity for pot distillers.

1 Jumbo Brew Bag (24x24)?
4 Gallons of water.
1 Gallon Backset
5 lbs Cracked Corn.
2 lbs Malted Barley, crushed
7 lbs sugar
1/2 cup crushed Oyster Shell
1 tbsp DAP
1 pk EC1118 yeast

I line a 6.5 gallon Ale Pale with the Brew Bag, folding the top outward over the rim of the bucket, and use a bungee around the top of the bucket to hold it in place.
Add the Cracked Corn and Malted Barley to the Brew Bag.
I used 1 gallon of Backset from a UJSM to melt the 7 lbs of sugar and heat to 150 degrees.
Once 150 is acheived, pour the sugar/backset mixture into the brew bag lined bucket containing the grains, add the oyster shell and stir for 2 minutes.
Let rest for 30 minutes covered with a towel to steep.
Add the remaining water and DAP to the brew bag/fermenter bucket and aerate for a few minutes.
When temperature drops to 90 degrees, Pitch Yeast, stir in.
Gently tie a knot in the top of the Brew Bag, let submerge, keeping your clean hands out of the wash and airlock.

I start seeing bubbles in the airlock in 3 hours or so.
By the 24 hour mark I have about a 3 inch kraeusen on top.
Mine ferments dry in 4-5 days and clears in a secondary carboy overnight

The beauty part of this is, when its dry and ready, leave the Brew Bag tied in a knot, siphon the liquid off from around the bag without disturbing the grains and yeast.

Once all the liquid is siphoned off, untie the knot in the bag and secure it around the top of the bucket with the bungee again.

You can continue from here like a UJSM, pouring the new batch of Sugar/Water/Backset/DAP/Oyster Shell, into the Brew Bag, and scooping out any grain that floats to the top, and replace it with fresh grain. Re-tie the knot and start fermenting again.

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