Jb-t's rum apple pie

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Jb-t's rum apple pie

Post by jb-texshine » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:32 pm

1 gallon 100 proof rum
2 gallons apple juice. (not from concentrate)
6 long or 12 short cinnamon sticks. The ones i use are 8",i use 6.
1.5 tbsp apple pie spice. (Grocery store)
3 large apples sliced in eighths. (I used honeycrisp,your preference)
5 cups white sugar.
3 tbsp vanilla extract

In a pot combine apple juice,cinnamon sticks,and apple pie spice. Simmer 30 minutes. Remove from heat and add sugar,vanilla and cinnamon sticks. Cover,let stand untill room temp. Once cooled remove and set aside cinnamon sticks. Add alcohol and stir. Divide apples and cinnamon sticks evenly in jars and fill. Makes 3 gallons and a quart.
Not the strongest apple pie but perfect for taking to parties. Comes in at between 12&15%alc. According to my calcs.
The molasses flavor compliments the apple pie flavor perfectly!
Hope you enjoy it.
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