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Thumper Gin

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:16 pm
by sltm1
I'm starting a new thread cause this is a new way to do gin (I think). I started out with 1.75 gal of heads and tails, both a little of old rum cuts and the majority was UJSSM cuts. I cut that to 35 percent +- and boiled slowly as in a spirit run (approx 6 gallons of wash). I got six good pints of alcohol after throwing out 200ml of fores, and setting aside a pint each of heads and tails. I only went down to 100 proof due to having an electric element placed rather high in my boiler. Much more would have exposed it to air and probably burned it out. The run started at 140 p and ended at 100 p on the last pint.

The grain bill in the thumper was:
1.5 qt of water
15 grams of lightly crushed juniper berries
6 grams of lightly crushed coriander berries
3 grams of anise seed, un-crushed
5.5 grams of broken cinnamon stick

The initial result was, the 1st four "keeper" pints had a non-specific berry like odor. The last two pints I used had a strong cinnamon odor. I let it rest for 24 hours, mixed the alcohol with water and cut it down to 90 proof. The result is a nice mild gin flavor with a "fruity-berry" over tone. When i do it next, I will add a bit more juniper. I was going to cut the cinnamon, but the resulting liquor is quite palatable and gin-like. However, I prefer a stronger juniper flavor, I'm, more of a Tanquery man.