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Spearmint apple schnapps

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:46 am
by Alchemist75
This one is tasty, at least by my standards. It's the closest to a "panty dropper" I've produced, I generally prefer things that aren't this sweet....

So you can use your best neutral, brandy or even grain spirit for this, the base ferment I used for it is my grapenuts wash: ... 0#p7485585

A white wine brandy might work pretty good but don't quote me on that, I'm gonna try that one later.
Anyhoo, what I do to produce the fruity goodness is as follows.

My thumper is basically used only to produce hydrosols of various types and is small, a biomass extractor in practice. The proportions are scaled to it's size so you might have to extrapolate the numbers out for larger set ups:
Per 600 ml of basic store bought apple juice add 1 oz of organic spearmint and allow to macerate for 12 hours at room temperature. Take this mixture without straining and put it in your thumper. Fill your boiler with distilled water and let it run through at a good boil. Collect not more than 50 ml of distillate and set that aside. Repeat and run off another 50 ml of a fresh batch to collect 100 ml total. Basically, if you're running a bigger set up you want to collect the hydrosol into its early tails ie after its stopped running cloudy for a bit, not too deep though. Add the resulting 100 ml hydrosol to 750 ml of 80%-90% ethanol and then cut this mixture back with another 650 ml of apple juice. Allow it to stand a day or two and it's fit to drink. It's sweet, minty and full of flavor.