Apple brandy

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Apple brandy

Post by Lyonsie » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:38 pm

50 gallon wash.
50 gallons of Fresh apple juice 5 sticks of cinnamon one packet of rasins. One kilo light brown sugar 50g of ma33 yeast. Depending on the sugar content of the juice it will ferment to about 11 or 12 precent.
Word of warning this ferment stinks. And you wont move a 50 gallon barrel when its full.
Distill twice in a potstill an your good to go. Hearts come off about 80% second time round. Be careful with your heads. Its not whiskey the flavours you want to carry are hiding there when you blend rather than in the tails. Its excellent aged with chips from a sherry oak cask.Hope ya all enjoying the festive season. Regards lyonsie
Edit i didnt kill whatever wild yeasts were present before i added yeast as the juice was only pressed the day was still starting naturally fermenting. Id be pretty sure the yeast i added took over immediately. If any yeast experts want to weigh in and let me know would this have affected the flavour pm me. I want to replicate this.
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