Arto's Easy Turkish Raki

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Arto's Easy Turkish Raki

Post by artooks » Sun Feb 04, 2018 6:12 am

Hi Everyone,

This is my second recipe on Raki, because I thought it would be easier to make for some of you who do not like to mess with fermenting sultana raisins, and all the hard work comes with it. The main ingredient of Raki is Sultana Raisins and other fruits which we make the alcohol from, this is considered the first distillation, then we use anise seeds in the boiler to make the finished product, now for the last 15 years Raki made from Grapes is a special product, and you have to pay more to get it, nowadays the alcohol is made from beetroot so to make it simple we are just going to use a neutral made from "All Bran or Birdwatchers" to switch it with alcohol made from Sultana raisins which will make the recipe much easiser.

Arto's Easy Turkish Rakı (Recipe for 1 Gallon Raki - 4 Litre)


" 7.5 Litres (7.92 US quarts) %45 ABV Neutral (without cuts)
" Anise Seed ( 100 Grams for every 1 lt of %45 ABV alcohol
" Raw Sugar ( 6 Grams for every 1 lt of %45 ABV alcohol

Distillation - Maceration with Anise Seed

" Our final Raki will be %45 ABV, we will have 4 litres of Raki after the cuts.
" Anise Seed amount calculation is based on the final Raki amount without the cuts. For every 1 lt of %45 ABV, we use 100 grams of anise seed,
so in our case it will be 7.5 lt %45 ABV X 100 grams : 750 grams.
" Put 750 grams of anise seed in 7.5 lt %45 ABV and let it macerate at room temperature for 2 days.
" Cover the bottom of the boiler with marbles to avoid scorching , you will need a fine mesh basket to put over the marbles to hold the anise seeds inside
this, if you do not have a fine mesh basket than you can easily make one from bulk fine mesh that they sell in hardware stores.
" Start distillation very slowly.
" Follow the cut fractions based on your still output ABV.
" Calculate the alcohol content, if we have 7.5 lt of %45 ABV it means we have 3.375 litre of %100 ABV, so from there we take 3% as foreshots, 17% Heads, %57
Hearts ( This is the part which will be used) and %23 tails, but the cut is done best at smelling and tasting the spirit, but the above will give a
rough indication.
" Also to help with the cuts amounts based on your still ABV output, the "Cut Fraction" guide will help you to know how much to collect at a given %ABV.
" The main target here is to get the hearts, but that is not enough in order to get the anise oils, which starts to come during the early tails, we have to get
these in 100 ml collection jars until the taste becomes off.
" Aerate all the collected Raki for 1 day and taste, do not use the foreshots and heads, you will mainly use hearts and the good smelling and tasting early
tails. Blend these together.
" Early Tails is important because they contain much of the anise oils and also helps the spirit to go cloudy once it is diluted with water.
This is an important indication.
" Your Blended Raki will be around %70 ABV - %85 ABV, depending on your still setup diluate it to 45% ABV.
" Add 6 grams of granulated sugar for every 1 lt of %45 ABV and give it a mix, it will dissolve in a matter of minutes.
" Let it sit for 5 weeks.
" Enjoy - Raki tends to go cloudy if it is below 38% ABV - Rakı is enjoyed with 1 part raki and 1 part water - and plain water in another glass,
take one sip from raki then drink a little bit of water.Edit-those who have never heard of a "Sultana" There called "Golden Raisins" here in the States.