Jalapeño-Rye Shine!

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J Dot
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Jalapeño-Rye Shine!

Post by J Dot » Sat May 12, 2018 10:42 am

I have a recipe I’d like to share!
I call it:


I know to some it might sound funny,
But it is interesting, and quite unique!
But delicious, all the same!

This blend has a nice mild rye whiskey taste, with a faint jalapeño presence, but a fantastic warming end, like a good brandy!

( I wanted to add a NOTE here: )
The heat can be adjusted by following these basic guidelines: ( I use TASTE )

COLORS: ( of peppers )
Dk Green peppers ( usually the mildest heat )
Lt. Green/Yellowish orange peppers ( medium )
Dk. Orange/RED ( hottest )
( AGAIN: Nothing beats good ole’ fashion tasting )

( this is NOT set in stone, PLEASE feel free to experiment, tweak, or whatever? ) these are just my personal findings, and taste!

( 5-1/2 - 6 gallon wash recipe )

* 1.5 lbs yellow cracked corn ( or white )
* 1.5 lbs flaked rye
* 1 lbs sweet feed
* 2lbs ( malt barley ) or distillers malt , ( FINELY GROUND ) I use magic bullet food processor.
* 1-2 lbs jalapeños ( sliced into circles )( color/quantity up to you, I leave seeds and stems )
* 5lbs sugar
( I use 1 lb lt brown, 1 lb dk brown ( brown sugars for a Rummy sweet note ), 2lbs white, and a couple lg bottles of blue agave syrup ( regular or amber ) approx 1lb ( for a slight tequila note ) feel free to experiment with sugars! )
* Yeast ( I use distillers yeast and nutrient. 2 packs worth, couple teaspoons nutrient! )
* 6 gallons of distilled water. ( or your preferred water choice )

( I won’t go into cleaning and sanitizing steps,
So please be clean to start with! ) wash and sanitize ALL equipment well ( EVERY TIME ) so no worries pop up! ( I use Star-San ) no rinse drip dry!
( an ounce of prevention = 1 pound of cure )
If it touches your mash/wash CLEAN/SANITIZE IT!
( Sanitize, not Sterilize ) no need to sterilize anything, sanitizing is fine!

( everything CLEAN/Sanitized )
Bring 3 Gallons of water to 170-175 degrees F in a large stock pot ( I use 8 gal stainless pot )
Turn off heat!
Slowly stir in ( corn, rye, and sweet feed )
After adding grains, your temp should have dropped to around 160-165 degrees F. or so, stir every 5 minutes, until temp is 152-154 degrees f.
Now slowly stir in malt ( finely ground ), and sliced jalapeños
Your mix will be thick, ( add a little water if you need to, but don’t go over 3-1/2 gallons. ) as we need the last few gallons for a couple reasons as I’ll explain!

Ok cover and stir every 15 -20 minutes for 1 to 1-1/2 hour/s ( by now the starches should have converted to fermentable sugars ) and your mash has thinned out to a more watery texture, not so oatmeal like texture .

do an iodine test if needed
( if starch is still present, and not fully converted to sugar, keep steeping until it is fully converted! ) once satisfied your starches have converted to sugars, Strain out the grains from the mash!

( Straining the grain from the mash )
( careful mash is still very hot )

Siphon what WASH ( liquid only ) you can into separate container, then strain the remaining grain,
( Dip, strain, squeeze, rinse, squeeze, discard, REPEAT )
squeeze out whatever water/sugars you can,
From the cooked grain, then rinse ( with fresh distilled water ( just a splash to release any trapped sugars from spent grains ( water reason #1)) and squeeze again, then discard the spent grain, keep doing this until all grain is gone! And your wash is strained and in separate container.
Keep the jalapeño slices only, No grain!
Set Jalapeño slices aside for now!
Place all the wash back into stock pot.
( Mash = fermentable liquid with solids )
( Wash = fermentable liquid w/no solids )

Now you have a near complete wash ( it should be dark tea colored ) now stir in your sugars, and start your yeast ( activate yeast, but Don’t ADD IT YET! ),

( activate yeast )
Dissolve half cup sugar in 110 degree f water, add yeast, and stir it in, let sit until it has doubled in size ) now it is active and ready to use )

once sugar dissolves completely , add your remaining water to make 5-1/2 gallons of wash, ( also helps to COOL the wash a bit ( water reason #2) continue to cool wash to around 100 degrees or less.
( use immersion cooler if you have one )
( I place stock pot right into my sink full of cold sink water, until cool ) don’t submerge it! ( lol )

Once wash is cool enough,
Transfer wash from stock pot to 6 gal food grade bucket, then pour from one bucket to another bucket and back, several times to aerate mix well!
This will allow yeast to multiply in an oxygen enriched environment, once the oxygen is used up, alcohol will be produced!
Also helps to reduce wash temp a bit more, during aeration process.

Now it’s time to:
Adjust the PH ( I go between 5 and 5.5 ) should be fine
( citric acid ( to RAISE acidity ) OR CaCO3 ( calcium carbonate ) ( to LOWER acidity )
( you can use acid mix instead, PLEASE FEEL FREE to experiment! )

Once satisfied with Ph and temp,
( now is a good time to check and adjust your starting gravity ) I personally don’t do this, but again, FEEL FREE!
Then transfer wash to glass carboy, ( add jalapeño slices ( you set aside earlier ), back into wash, add Yeast starter AND NUTRIENT, gently stir, these are living organisms, respect them, , insert bung and airlock!

( I do not stir or anything once airlock is placed, as you DO NOT want to introduce oxygen once yeast has started! )
You can gently push jalapeños back into liquid now and again to insure ( bacteria does not become present on exposed, dry slices of pepper! )

I ferment at 74 degrees ( usually takes 5-6 days to ferment )
Then I rack to another carboy ( removing and discarding jalapeño slices, and Leaving any residue on bottom ( only take the clear liquid, if you get some residue don’t worry, it will be removed during racking, once ONLY the clear liquid is transferred into racking container, we can add our clarifier ( follow directions on packet )
( Racking = transferring liquid from original fermentation vessel to another vessel leaving the ( or most of the ) solids behind )

Once the wash has cleared, and all sediment has settled, siphon ONLY THE CLEAR LIQUID, don’t worry if you waste a bit staying clear of any sediment, just leave some clear behind if need be!
Add clean , clear wash only into your boiler ( or you might scorch or get off tasting flavors in distillate ), ( and place some wash into your thumper if you have one? ) then distill!

( I use an 8 gallon stainless 3 pot setup )
Copper risers, and condenser!

I don’t do stripping or spirit runs!
( again feel free )

I run the still slow, and low!


Make mostly hearts cuts ( as you would with grain distillates ) then proof hearts to around 100 proof
( again feel free ) I prefer 110 personally!
You can age this, for a whiskey taste ( with oak cubes, ) or enjoy as a shine! Your choice!

This is my personal favorite, I hope you like it as well!

Should yield a gallon proofed down! Or close to it!

Wanted to also add Here:
Now is a good time to save some of your spent wash ( left in boiler from this run ) to add into your next fermentation run ( in place of water )( IE: if you keep 1 gallon of spent wash, then only use 5 gal of purified water in your next run instead of 6 ) for a SOUR MASH style whiskey run! ( you’ll have to experiment here ) I try for around 1/3 sour mash, 2/3 water ratio ( again not set in stone )
Also add your heads and tails you did not use this time around, into your boiler for this sour mash run
( Junk the rest of the spent wash )
I pour my spent grain and wash around my palm trees, they seem to love it!

Let me know your thoughts?

This is my first time sharing a recipe.
But you all have been so kind and helpful to me! Figured I could give back, with my favorite recipe!

J Dot

Good Luck!