Megaphone mint gin

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Megaphone mint gin

Post by Alchemist75 » Sun May 20, 2018 9:46 pm

Some while back I shared my compound gin prototype. It wasn't bad but the juniper was excessive and produced a lot of resinous precipitation upon mixing with tonic.
I refined the recipe eventually after fooling with the numbers a bit and ended up producing an exotic gin/genever creature that has gone over well with gin fans I know.
Note, this recipe was designed to be used with pot distilled spirits. That's not to say a reflux still doesn't qualify but that's how I did it.

The spirit I used was:
Which is the cheapest sugar head I make. Any grain or cereal based spirit would fly though, the botanical flavors are intense enough that the malt and grain notes are more of a back note or complexity. If you want more grain flavor then use more grain. Anyway, the botanical bill goes thus:
In a thumper place
-180 grams FRESH juniper well bruised
-56 grams dry spearmint
-56 grams chamomile
-20 cloves of star anise broken up fine or ground.
-4 grams clove buds ground
-4 grams cinnamon powdered.
-1600 ml store bought apple juice
Allow the herbs to macerate in the juice for a day or two.
Fill your boiler with distilled water and connect everything up and fire up the heat. Collect the distillate until the flavor of the essential oils begins to fade significantly and shut everything down. Add the collected essential oils and accompanying hydrosol to 1500 ml of 85-90% spirit (or whatever your best abv is after your spirit run) and cut it back to drinking strength which should give you roughly a gallon or so of drinkable product depending. This gin lives up to it's name, it's a loud, minty compound gin. Between the juniper, spearmint and chamomile you're in for a flavor forward 3 way tug o' war of botanical intensity with the other botanicals forming an indistinct din like a cheering audience in the background. Yes it louches if you mix it (gasp!) But it has received positive remarks. Very boutique as gins go. Enjoy!